About Canadian citizenship page

The Canadian citizenship exam is the last hurdle in becoming a Canadian citizen. Applicants are given the new 63 page study guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. In order to pass this exam and finally become a Canadian citizen you must score 75% or more in the multiple choice exam. In 2010 the Canadian government made changes to the exam to make it much harder. Failure rates rose from 4% to 30% as a result of these changes.

In order to pass this exam you must remember names, dates, important historical events, understand the economy, how Canadian's govern themselves, recognise Canadian symbols, and have a good understanding of Canadian geography. For this reason we have developed the mycitizen.ca prep guide. Everything has been written and developed by immigrants for immigrants based on the study material and past exam questions. We broke it up to make it easy to remember and ensure you pass the citizenship test with ease.

Peace of mind online Canadian citizenship preparation guide. If you can pass our prep tests then you will have nothing to worry about on exam day.