Canadian Citizenship Test Passing Guide

I have personally passed the Canadian Citizenship test myself and built the guide on how to pass the test. I got 20/20 on the multiple choice questions and after studing for months and networking with other immigrants I have put together over 40 infographics including names, and historical timeline so you don't forget anything that you need to know going into the Citizenship exam. I also made over 50 slides with all the key points that you will need to know. I studied the 60+ page handbook but thought it was very poorly put together especially for someone with limited English, this was the reason I made this guide. I studied a bit on the human brain and what we do to remember things and I had this in mind when I built the test passing guide. Once you pay the $29 on you will have access to the members dashbaord where I broke it all down chapter by chapter including tests that mimic actual questions and answers from the real Canadian Citizenship test. If you feel the material didn't work for you and failed as a result I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee.

There is no other test passing guide like this one. For total peace of mind and saving the embarassment and risk of having to retake the test I recommend purchasing this.