Pass The Canadian Citizenship Test

We have taken and passed the Canadian Citizenship test ourselves and have drawn up the game plan on how to memorize and pass the test in under 5 minutes. The only Canadian Citizenship preparation course to offer supplementary learning material as well as practice exams written by Canadian Immigrants who have scored over 75% in the test.

Easy to follow Learning Portal

The easiest way to learn and memorize the study material”. Chapters are broken down into easy to follow slideshows and infographics. We have custom built this to ensure you remember all the things you could be tested in in the Canadian citizenship test. 100% peace of mind study preparation course so you don't have to worry about failing the exam.

19 Chapter Tests and 6 Final Tests

At the end of each chapter will be practice tests. We have written these based on all the study material and experience of taking the official Canadian Citizenship Test. At the end of the preparation course will be one final test. If you can score more than 75% in the test, then you will pass the Canadian Citizenship course. We made our test preparation exams to extensively test all your knowledge. You won't find these questions anywhere else on the internet as we hand built these ourselves with a panel of Immigrants who have taken the test before. Free test sample

We Test All Exam Variations

We prepare all of our members for the big day. If you can pass our practice tests then you will pass the Canadian citizenship test on exam day without any issue whatsoever. We emphasise the hardest exam variations you could be faced with to make the exam day an enjoyable experience. This is the boot camp you need to enter the exam room with full confidence. All test questions are based on actual questions you could get in the test. Created by immigrants for immigrants. Study our notes, infographics, do the practice tests and you will pass.

Money Back Guarantee

We have a 100% money back guarantee if you have purchased our $29 training course but fail the Canadian Citizenship Test (Score below 75%) we will refund your money. We are constantly updating our database to ensure all materials are up to date and to give you highest chance of success. Simple contact us via the contact form, we will respond to you within 24 hours. We believe in our system and are happy to extend this offer to you.

Secure and Safe Payment System

We are secured with the COMODO CA safe and secure certificate SSL. Canadian owned company offering you the ability to sign up for the test preparation course using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The website is encrypted to protect the buyer at all times. You can access our SSL certificate by clicking the green secure icon next to our URL in the navigation box at the top.

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